Listen Before You Die: Felt – A Tribute To Christina Ricci

There’s a very, very short list of rappers compelling enough to warrant your full attention on a thrown-together, thoroughly directionless EP. Fortunately, in 2002 both Slug and Murs were card carrying members of that club.

Listen Before You Die: Fashawn – Boy Meets World

A coming-of-age tale in album form that’ll even excite a casual hip-hop/rap listener. Exile’s beats are refreshing and pair well with the young and talented west coast rapper, Fashawn. Appearance’s by Evidence, Aloe Blacc and samples of The Doors and Black Star only add to the splendor of this already fantastic album.

Listen Before You Die: Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Gorilla Manor is outstanding for four reasons. First, the drums. It’s not too often you hear an album where the drums are so far forward in the mix, mostly because it will typically distract from the melodic instruments. In this case, drummer Matt Frazier creates unique beats that deserve to stand out and don’t distract.

Listen Before You Die: P.O.S. – Never Better

It’s not easily digested, that’s for sure. P.O.S.’s 3rd album, Never Better, is and will be the most abrasive piece to make the list of albums you need to hear before you die. I know it’s not for everyone; P.O.S. does too and therein lies the beauty. Best characterized by his lyrics in one of ...

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