With 2011 coming to a close MTIB has decided to share what we think are the best 30 songs of the year, except, here is the difference… MTIB isn’t going to tell you what those songs are… at least not for a week. That’s right folks, instead of giving you our list with artist names and song titles, we’ve decided to give you two mixtaptes, fifteen songs long each, with those songs featured in them. This way, you can’t judge the song before you hear it. Don’t worry, next week we’ll let you all know the song titles and artists, and you can complain about how we forget “THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR” or how we stupidly included a song that wasn’t worthy, but let’s just take a chance together. Listen to some music that isn’t bad for a week before we worry about that topical stuff. Enjoy.

 | TOP 30 SONGS VOL. 2