Best Album of 2015 To: Put On When You’re Looking For Taylor Swift Pop Sensibility Paired With A Lot More Electric Guitar

First Bite: “Bros”

In my world, Your Love Is Cool marked a pretty big transformation for Wolf Alice. In 2012, I had them pegged as a mixture of lo-fi, electronic and singer-songwriter qualities. Then, having not paid too much attention to the group since 2012, Your Love Is Cool caught me off guard. While the opening track, “Turn To Dust” doesn’t deviate too far from the Wolf Alice I knew, songs like “Your Loves Whore,” “Moaning Lisa Smile,” and “Giant Peach” held a previously unheard rock-n-roll confidence. With certain expectations built up in my head, the change didn’t click for me right away. In fact, not until the last minute of “Swallowtail” flooded my eardrums at the live show did I realize this is exactly what I wanted from Wolf Alice. Now, I feel inspired by the band’s seemingly newfound confidence.

Adam Rondeau