Best Album of 2015 To: Put On For a Pick Me Up While Driving Home From a Long Day at Work

First Bite: “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me”

Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied was my ultimate driving record this year. Loaded with fast paced guitar riffs, this will keep you cruising on the highway until you run out of road. From a band that forces you to think of the heavily repeated “Chelsea Dagger” (thanks, Blackhawks) I was expecting more of a homogenous mix. The exceptional variety should be held in pretty high regard, however, since it kept me entertained as I was driving through the most riveting of landscapes: Wisconsin farmland. Since these boys are fellow Scotsman, it helped me to imagine I was winding through rolling moors in the Isle of Skye instead of cow pastures and anti-abortion billboards.

It also kept me company on infuriating rush hour trips in Chicago traffic. Need to forget about a shitty day at work? Throw on “Little By Little” and zone out to the mellow rockabilly guitar while honking BMW’s fade into the distance. Trying to get amped up for that 8AM presentation? Queue up “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me” and bat on the steering wheel like it owes you money. Just don’t mistake the gas pedal for the bass drum like I did. Although I still don’t think I was the most reckless driver around me.

The Fratellis are no stranger to selling out, just like most of us. Even if you have to make a few sacrifices to keep the money coming in, you can still have fun in the process! So join them like I did, and when you inevitably look up from your desk chair to realize that you’re trading your youth for company profits you won’t see a dime of, start maniacally chanting along with “Me and the Devil” with a smile on your face, repeating “I’m gonna sell this soul of mine!”

Matt MacLean

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