Best Album of 2015 ToPut On When Throwing Up a Middle Finger to Everything

First Bite: “No More Control”

Hip-hop. My pickiest genre of all. If I take a look at all of the rap albums that I frequently listen to I come up with a diverse blend of white, black, conscious rap, party bangers, and everything in between. In all honesty, it’s probably more of right time right place kind of thing pertaining to when I decide to give an album a first listen. Sometimes I just put an album on and it all just clicks and that’s what happened with Murs’ Have a Nice Life. On a side note, I was discussing my favorite music videos this past summer with someone that basically only listens to rap. I brought up Murs’ video for “Okey Dog” and this dude had no idea who Murs was. This may just be an isolated incident of ignorance but Murs is an OG. He released his first album in 1997 and has taken off few years in between. The point I Guess I’m trying to get across is, if you’ve never heard of Murs, go look him up and give the man a chance.

Ryan Quinn

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