Best Album of 2015 To:  Put On When You’ve Finally Realized You May Never Really Know What Life’s All About

First Bite: “Don’t Let Me Bring You Down”

Laura Marling’s Short Movie brings me back to a 1,000-acre former Nazi airfield turned city park filled with Germans juggling fireballs and kite blading. Although it’s pretty safe to say I’m alone in that one, Marling’s 5th album raises some questions that most listeners can identify with. One that, not surprisingly, came to mind while watching roller blading fools let the wind carry them away was, “What am I doing here?”

Marling’s lyrics have always been shrouded in mystery, combining fiction with experience, never leaving you certain of where one ends and the other begins. Her melodic stories walk the line between loneliness and dependency, love and foolishness, and independence and fate. These ideas may sound romantic and lofty, but when paired with perfectly plausible characters and steady rhythms, you won’t even realize you’re contemplating life’s conundrums.

Unlike her previous albums, Short Movie debuts prominent electric guitars, showcasing her intricate guitar melodies and revealing a bit more of the edge. Never before has there been a Laura Marling album where you can find yourself ever so subtly rocking out. Inspired after relocating from London to Los Angeles and somewhat of an identity crisis, Marling admits Short Movie feels a bit like an unfinished thought.

Although I never really figured out what I was doing listening to Laura Marling while watching people recreate on an abandoned airfield, I’m perfectly okay with that. I couldn’t help but look forward to what was next.

Whitney Peterson

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