Best Album of 2015 To: Put On While See-Sawing

First Bite: “Vena Cava”

It’s been the year of the female lead singer. Not only in new music, but in appreciation of old music for me. This particular album was recommended by a couple blogs, but didn’t catch my eye until the day after I saw the lead singer of Zoo Animal and SOAK perform at 7th Street Entry. I was listening to my music on my favorite streaming app, when it was recommended to me yet again. This time by an algorithm. I finally caved and pressed play. Initially, I was simply excited by the fact that I had another female singer-songwriter to impress my girlfriend with, but then I heard “Violet Clementine.” A weird mixture of deep bass sounds and banjo that’s as dynamic as something out of a musical. It piqued my interest. I loved it. Then I got to the simple, yet beautiful “Sunday Shoes,” which sounds like it would make a kickass Adele song. How is it that these two extremes exist on the same album? How is it that Aly Spaltro is able to excel at both? And, how is she not getting more of the limelight?

I can’t promise you’ll feel the same way. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, I wouldn’t start with “Violet Clementine.” “Vena Cava,” “Billions of Eyes,” and “Sunday Shoes” make for much better entry points.

Adam Rondeau

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