Best Album of 2015 To: Put On If You Want Your Random Thoughts Put To Music and You Like Puns

First Bite: “Elevator Operator”

Every year there are a few albums that I associate with the specific season they entered my life. In this particular case, Courtney Barnett gets filed under Summer, and when I think about the sounds of Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, I can’t say I’m surprised. The brightness of the guitars on almost every song, whether it’s the toe-tapping, upbeat “Dead Fox,” the mid-tempo shuffle of “Depreston,” or the raucous internal debate of “Pedestrian at Best,” make it feel like the sun is shinning. “Kim’s Caravan” feels more like a sober walk through a downtown area just after bar close. But that’s just the feel of this album, the lyrics are the crown jewel. They feel like jumbled journal entries that forego rhyming or melody if it means getting an entire thought out. Sometimes they’re observations with deeper meanings and sometimes they’re just observations. (See what I did there?) So, in the same way that I associate the feel of this album with the brightness of summer, I feel refreshed by Barnett’s lyrical approach. So often there’s a degree of mystery surrounding an artist. Somehow, her nonchalant frankness keeps her off the pedestal while also earning a tip of the hat. She’s got the same type of random thoughts running through her head as me, she just decided to put music to them. On this record, she makes it seem that easy.

Adam Rondeau

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