A week ago we gave a sneak peek of what we thought were the best 30 songs of 2011 with a throwback-style mixtape. This week we’re laying it all on the line, well, not actually. We aren’t putting the songs in any sort of ranked order. We’re putting them in the order that they were on the mixtape. With so many genres and so many facets of music it would be impossible to say that one song was the absolute best song of the year, so we didn’t. That’d be like us saying that one specific type of root beer is best… Generally, do I like Barqs more? Yes! But would I say it is hands down the best root beer? No, because there is A&W which compliments the ice cream in a root beer float perfectly. This is all one ridiculously roundabout way of saying, these are 30 songs that we think are generally the best songs released in 2011. That being said, I hope you enjoy the list and let us know what you think! Also, we aren’t so good at counting. We accidentally included 31 songs on the mixtapes, but that’s for you readers to know.