Something has made me very very sad just recently… Whether you want to know what that is or not, you are going to find out by reading the next sentence. Bella Ruse’s album, Kuhzoo, came out so late in the season it likely won’t get the hype it deserves. It’ll be a sleeper of an album for awhile, but it will get it’s moment in the sun. It certainly deserves it. This whole album, whether the song is extremely happy or is slow-moving and somewhat sad finds a way to warm your ears faster than they can freeze in the recent Minnesota blizzard. The whole album feels so perfectly balanced that I’m not sure how to describe it. There may just be one guitar and a voice for awhile on such gems as the opening track, “The Kazoo Song” or their may be several layers happening all at once, but it is never overwhelming, always just right.

Really, this whole album is a gem. Never have I fallen in love with an album that we’ve been sent so quickly. I will say that I anticipated the possibility of love at first listen based on the song featured by Bella Ruse earlier this year, “Dark Horse”. It may not be the most original mixture of sounds or styles but it is all done with such a clever wit that you can’t deny it’s brilliance. Kuhzoo is definitely worth a purchase tomorrow. Also a necessity is Bella Ruse’s album release party on Dec. 18th at the 331 Club, which is FREE and may or may not come with a free kazoo!

Pre-order the album HERE! Listen to the whole album HERE for free now!

Key Tracks: “The Kazoo Song”, “Black & Flowers”, and “Heart Of Everyone”

SCORE: 8.1/10