Last time we heard a full-length release from the Minneapolis’ Jeremy Messersmith, he was channeling the pop melodies of people past on The Reluctant Graveyard (one of 2010’s finest pop albums). On Heart Murmurs, released last week, Messersmith focuses on the many facets of love. Surprisingly this seemingly stale idea doesn’t come across stale at all.

On the opening track, Messersmith convincingly sings the denial of the song’s protagonist (“It’s not like I’m in love with you/What a crazy idea/Where did you get that?”) as he warns us how painful it can be to leave feelings unsaid. Three songs later, he’s singing from the perspective of a girl consoling her best friend through a breakup. Three more songs down the line, he’s turning a one night stand on its head. These aren’t the worn-out topics and perspectives of the mainstream, but they are immediately relatable. That’s what makes Heart Murmurs such a fantastic album.

Well… that and Messersmith’s impeccable ability to write a pop song paired with his tender-as-Elliott-Smith, pure-as-Ben-Gibbard vocals.

Listen below, decide for yourself, but I think you’ll agree. Heart Murmurs would make a great addition to anyone’s library. Enjoy!