I’ll admit, unlike most, I was lukewarm on Father John Misty’s critically acclaimed debut album Fear Fun (while not his first solo album, it was the first not released as J. Tillman). I Love You, Honeybear, though, is currently at the top of my list for 2015, and I’m writing it at the top in permanent ink.

It has everything you need from an album. “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt.” highlights Tillman’s lyrical wit and conversely “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me” is pure, raw emotion. The rest of the album falls somewhere in between with few missteps. This album offers up great material for people who prefer both the lyrically strong and standout instrumentation.

If at first listen you don’t quite connect with Tillman’s art, listen again. And again. And again. And again, until it finally hits you how great of an album this really is. Stream the entire album below thanks to Sub Pop Records.