The Minneapolis hip-hop collective known as Doomtree has seemingly figured it out.  For the second album in a row, they holed themselves up in a cabin and did nothing but write and record – and for a second album in a row, they hit the nail on the head.  All Hands perfectly highlights all facets of the Twin Cities’ most ambitious hip-hop label.

Their beats are multi-dimensional with layers upon layers of various sounds, the result of having two full-time producers and two more emcees contributing their two cents.  Their raps share a similar story. With five diverse voices all trying to get their fair share of mic time you would think it might sound forced, but instead it’s just one big party, each voice chiming in at just the right time.

These last few years have been big for the label with the release of many successful solo albums, most recently Mike Miclan’s Hella Frreal.  Now with another high energy crew album to boast, the label should have plenty of material to ride out another nationwide tour.