As a Valentine’s day gift to my beautiful girlfriend, I purchased a bouquet of hand-picked concert tickets. Among those tickets was a pair to see Nashville-based Escondido at First Avenue’s younger sibling, 7th Street Entry. As a band, the group is finding success at only 3 years old. They’ve set out on their own not only by creating their own label, but also by making their own outfits for their tour.

With most of the songs about some form of heartache or heartbreak, an occasional slide guitar or trumpet making an appearance, and the hand-stitched sequin outfits the performance felt like a dustland fairytale without the happy ending.

Possibly stifled by “guitar ghosts” and other technical issues, the crowd took a little while to warm up to Escondido. But, a little positivity from lead singer Jessica Maros and a little humor from the band’s other leader, Tyler James, onlookers started to sway, smile and tap their toes. That’s saying a lot when it comes to an audience full of Minnesotans.

We love our music, but we don’t often love to show it.

Closing their set with “Heart Is Black” led to a relatively significant bit of commotion from the crowd, but the commentary on the concept of an encore after the briefest intermission I’ve ever experienced easily placed itself atop the non-musical highlights.

I’ve always wondered when bands were going to start thinking about the logic behind the encore, especially when it’s expected.

Tangent aside, you should see this band, even if only for the homemade outfits and trumpet solos.