#1 – Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

(XL Recordings)

Vampire Weekend continue to be one of the most intriguing bands of this generation. Why? Because they manage to evolve both their sound and lyrical content, without abandoning their familiar warmth. I grew up with Vampire Weekend. I don’t mean my parents were playing it for me. I mean, when they were singing about college life, I was living it. I walked across the campus. On Modern Vampires of the City, Ezra Koenig croons, chants and trills about the struggles of growing up and coming to terms with it. The kid gloves are off and our wisdom teeth have been removed, they’ve grown up. It didn’t come easy and it’s not getting any easier. It may never get easier and subsequently lessons in love, understanding mortality, and the importance of those close to us flow strong throughout the album.

Meanwhile, we’re presented with a new set of audible backdrops. No doubt a departure from the percussive afro-pop of the first two albums, Modern Vampires of the City often features something dark lurking behind the major key tonalities. It pairs perfectly with the thesis of the album. Simultaneously, we’re reminded why we fell in love with Vampire Weekend in the first place, their unique reiterations of universally understood pop hooks. -Rondeau

Other accolades: #1 on Rolling Stone, #2 on Amazon, #2 Consequence of Sound, #3 on Spin, #3 on Stereogum, #7 on Paste, #8 on MOJO, #14 on NME

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