Every year, I put together a list of 5 bands that made moves in the respective year, but didn’t get quite the attention they should have. I then share said list on Music That Isn’t Bad hoping to award the hard-working musicians on it a bit more limelight.

While I definitely cannot take credit for the growth of last year’s bands (Hospitality, Kishi Bashi, Shovels and Ropes, Willis Earl Beal and Wolf Alice), I’m happy to announce that they, as a group, grew by 61,065 Facebook fans since my post last year. Well earned.

So, I here’s 5 more bands for you. Click play on the playlist below and continue scrolling to read about this year’s Hall of Under-Appreciation inductees. If at any point you’d like to support the band, click on their photo to be redirected to their Facebook page.

Bipolar-Sunshine-via Greedmont Park

Bipolar Sunshine (10,769 Facebook Fans)

In terms of commercial appeal Manchester-based Adio Marchant, formerly of KiD BRiTiSH, probably has the best chance of success. His solo indie-pop project, Bipolar Sunshine, boasts the infectious banger “Rivers” as well as introspective, personal experiences like “Fire” and “Blossom”. I would not be the least bit surprised if we see a large bit of buzz around his debut album. Until then, enjoy the 7 songs he’s released.

130625-Diarrhea-Planet via Spin

Diarrhea Planet (7,723 Facebook Fans)

With an intentionally off-putting name, it’s no wonder Diarrhea Planet haven’t garnered as much limelight as they deserve. I remember when a friend first mentioned them, I thought, “No, I haven’t heard of them, but they don’t sound like a band I’d be very interested in either…” Eventually, I gave in and listened through their debut, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. I couldn’t help but fall in love with their young-at-heart fun-having or the fact that among that fun they maintain a sound properly deserves respect. These guys are seriously good musicians having a ton of fun. You win at life, Diarrhea Planet.

houndmouth-1-1 via American Songwriter

Houndmouth (14,331 Facebook Fans)

It only makes sense that folk-flavored roots rock this good would come out of Kentucky… well, technically Indiana (just across the river). But that’s beside the point. It’s good. Grittier than more successful, obvious comparisons (The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men) Houndmouth provide the listener with well-placed hooks and explosive passion. You can tell, they are having a blast.


Kiev (4,157 Facebook Fans)

I entirely owe my knowledge of California-based Kiev to a California-based friend. If not for him, I would have missed out on the kaleidoscopic experience brought to you by their full-length debut, Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth. Concordantly, I’ve decided to leave describing the beauty of this band to aforementioned friend, as they their album will be included on our Top 50 Albums of 2013 list. SPOILER ALERT! Be sure to check back on Thursday…

Small-Houses via Raleigh Public Record

Small Houses (1,293 Facebook Fans)

Originally out of Flint, MI comes everyman Jeremy Quentin (Small Houses) creating tender, beautifully-crafted indie folk/alt-country. Without forfeiting quality Quentin achieves an honest tone that most will have a hard time denying. Despite being the least popular of these bands that snuck by, Small Houses is easily the most accessible. He also mentions Minnesota in “Homes and Photographs” – gotta love that. Check out his Facebook page by clicking on the photo above and give him a like while you’re there.

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